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Farrier's Formula®

Fact Sheet (From the Life Data Website)

Farrier's Formula by Life DataFarrier's Formula is a balanced nutritional supplement for the dermal tissues (skin, hair and feet) Farrier's Formula builds a strong healthy hoof and enhances coat and hair.

Farrier's Formula contains thirteen guaranteed nutrients necessary for healthy dermal tissues. It is important to provide a balanced nutritional supplement that covers all dermal tissues, rather than only one or two ingredients such as biotin or methionine, which are currently being marketed individually.

Farrier's Formula is the only supplement for dermal tissues that has scientific research to prove its performance.

Farrier's Formula was developed as a result often years of nutritional research with horses. The test subjects were found to be deficient in one or more of the nutrients in Farrier's Formula. Life Data Labs, Inc. then developed the balanced nutritional supplement Farrier's Formula

Due to the volume of the natural nutrients involved, it is important to feed the recommended daily amount in order that the horse receives all the daily required nutrients. Feed 170 grams (one cup) per 450kg (1000 lbs) horse per day until the desired results are obtained. Then the horse can be maintained on half that quantity, or 85 grams (1/2 cup) per 450kg. A 1Okg pail will last a 450kg horse about two months, at the treatment level, and about four months at the maintenance level.

You can expect to see improvement in the skin and hair in two to four weeks, with a deeper more richly colored coat. You can expect to see a new band of thicker, denser hoof growth in four to six weeks, although in horses with very poor quality feet, you may notice an improvement in as little as two weeks. Your horse will have stronger, thicker hoof walls that will hold shoes with more ease and thicker soles that will not bruise easily.

If you have a horse with poor quality feet it is very important to stop feeding wheat bran. Bran will physically bind the calcium in a horses intestine and prevent it from being absorbed into the horse's system. An adult horse will usually have enough calcium in its diet to maintain a healthy hoof, but bran can deplete body stores of calcium by chemically binding calcium from the intestinal secretions, thereby preventing it from being re-absorbed.

Palatability is about 99%, with very few horses having a problem with the taste. If palatability problem occurs, this can be overcome by adding a very small amount of Farrier's Formula to the diet for the first week or so, and then gradually increasing the amount until the horse is receiving the recommended daily amount.

The developer of Farrier's Formula, Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, has a background in equine medicine. Dr. Gravlee graduated from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine and practiced veterinary medicine several years before attending graduate school at MIT. During a three year residency in nutritional pathology he received a masters degree in nutritional biochemistry and intermediary metabolism. Prior to the formation of Life Data Labs, Inc. he spent six years in the field of nutritional and clinical pathology.